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Is Hell Real?

Hurting Want Help

Is there really life after you die?

Hell, is it a real place?

The Biblical Answer

  • Hell is a place of unquenchable fire.
  • It is a place of memory and remorse.
  • It is a place of thirst.
  • It is a place of misery and pain.
  • It is a place of frustration and anger.
  • It is a place of separation.
  • It is a place of undiluted divine wrath.
  • It was originally prepared for Satan and his hosts.
  • It is a place created for all eternity.

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The Bible is very detailed about Hell being a very real place. A place completely absent from the true and living God. A place of torment absent from love and peace.
The Bible tells us that Hell was not made for man, rather the fallen angels who disobeyed and rebelled against God. However, when man disobeyed God and acted in rebellion, we were separated from His presence.
God made a way through Jesus Christ for us to be forgiven and brought back into right standing with our Creator. If we choose to bow our knee and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be forgiven and escape eternal damnation.
Godís will and desire is that no man perish but all of us have eternal life with Him in Christ Jesus. Our Creator wills us to serve Him and only Him so we will escape the final judgment.

How to escape the wrath of eternal torment

Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and become born again.
Knowledge that Jesus is the Lord of Lords is simply not enough, you must choose to make Him your Lord and obey Him with faith until the end.
Live with the purpose to please God not self nor others, but God and God alone will you please.
Receive the forgiveness Jesus Christ gave to us on the cross and allow His blood to cleanse you on the inside and out from all sin and unrighteousness.
Pray without ceasing, drawing close to our Heavenly Father.
Allow Godís word to transform your thoughts and heart into a being of love and life.

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